New Pokemon game starring Pikachu in the works?

The Pokemon Company CEO scheduled to appear on Japanese TV this month to potentially announce new game that features Pikachu “in a bold new way.”

A new Pokemon game featuring Pikachu in a “bold new way” is currently in development at The Pokemon Company, according to Japanese TV broadcaster NHK.

The network will broadcast a profile on Pokemon Company desawarsattaking.com president plus CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara later this month on October 28.

According to a description of the program on the NHK site, The Pokemon Company started worked on a “never before seen” Pokemon game this summer.

“It’s a new game featuring the very populer character Pikachu in a bold way,” reads the description, translated by Gematsu. “There is concern, however, that if it’s bad, the long loved character would lose popularity in the blink of an eye.”

A representative for The Pokemon Company told GameSpot, “We don’t have any news to berbagi at this time.”

Pokemon X plus Pokemon Y are released across the international for 3DS on October 12. For more, check out GameSpot’s review.

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