Ulasan Game Release New Maret 2024

We’ve had a lot of Metroidvanias that have dropped in 2024. Some have come and gone like a flash in a pan and others have hit and raised the bar on the genre. The latest game seeking to be a must-play in the genre is Biomorph. I was excited to do a Biomorph review because this game is a fusion of Kirby, Metroid, and Mega Man. Do all of these elements mix well enough to make this an easy recommendation?

Let’s talk about it.

The Narrative:
In Biomorph, you take on the role of Harlo, an extraterrestrial suffering from severe memory loss about recent events, accompanied by two sentient hands. The world of Biomorph faces a grim reality where vital resources have vanished after an event known as The Fall, leading to the emergence of perilous creatures. Awakening in the sanctuary of Blightmoor, Harlo learns about enigmatic ruins believed to possess the key to restoring order. Armed with this scant information, our protagonist embarks on a perilous journey, marking the beginning of our adventure.

At its best, Biomorph is a fun mashup of Mega slot server thailand super gacor Man and Kirby, with Harlo able to equip three different technological attacks and morph into a customizable set of three (of an unlockable 21) creatures.

The Gameplay:
Is Biomorph fun? The game felt like playing Hallow Knight and 2D Kirby so if those are your jams then yes this game is a good time. You explore biomes by running, jumping, defeating enemies, and avoiding the many hazards along the way. The hook of Biomorph’s gameplay lies not in its weapon attacks, but in the ability to morph into various enemies upon defeating them, utilizing their unique abilities for traversal. Initially, you’ll encounter basic transformations such as a charging bull capable of breaking barricades or a floating gas creature impervious to spiked surfaces. However, the complexity grows as you transform into larger creatures like moles for digging or fish for swimming up waterfalls.

At first, morphing requires defeating enemies, and the transformation reverts when transitioning to a new area. Yet, with repeated transformations into the same enemy, you unlock the ability to shapeshift at will. This mechanic enhances exploration by uncovering secrets and side objectives, although it’s not always essential for the main quest progression.

Following the Metroidvania tradition, Biomorph is packed with numerous hidden treasures throughout its world. These range from equippable mementos granting abilities like faster healing or increased boss damage, to significant stat boosts enhancing strength and survivability against the deadly inhabitants of its environment. What sets these collectibles apart is the satisfaction of uncovering them all in a room, indicated by a gold border on the map, particularly useful when tracking missed items after acquiring new powers.

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